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Martian Gundam Models

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Under Construction!!!!!

Hello, welcome Martian Gundam Models aka The Cothern Corporation. My name is Tony and on some modeling sites and at some conventions, I commonly got by the moniker of Shadoah Khan Voi (Shadow Convoy).  This is where I will be placing all of my new model projects. I build models of all types but primarily sci-fi and military kits. Make yourself comfy and enjoy!

Site Updates



 Sept 2007---AWA Anime Weekend Atlanta. I won first place diarama for for my Patlabor Helldiver "Styx" and my Exodia .

Jan 26-27- Chatacon. Well I found out that i won 1st place amature, after I received my medallion and certificaste in the mail! It was for a a modified 12 inch figure of C-3PO from Star Wars which I customized to look like the bounty hunter 3PX. THANKS CHATACON!!


Sept. 25 2006- Well I won ...sort of. Someone on the staff didn't pick up the trophies so I only won a model kit instead...too bad I already won the same one last year except with a trophy Oh well, I was still grateful for the experience.

Sept. 22-24 2006- Will be attending AWA this weekend. Gotta lot of works-in-progress to finsh up!LOL

06-16-06 Cleaned up the the site a bit added my Lupin Dio pics. 

JULY- Attened Liberty Con. No wins. First time in two years, oh well there is always next year Lord

January-Attened Chatta Con. No whins this time areound. :(

01-26-06 Added my pics of the the Thing and the tactical runabout U.S.S. Styx.

01-25-06 Okay after a two year hiatus (yes two years!), and the aquisition of a new digital camera, I am finally able to update this site. Now I can udate it on a regular basis...

September-- Attended AWA brought home 3 trophies.

03-13-04 my site is on line !